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Introducing State-of-the-Art Products from Caylor Industrial!

Caylor Industrial Sales, Inc. supplies valves, fittings, and pipe & tube hangers to industrial markets in maintenance, engineering, construction, general contracting, and more. Caylor Industrial also services custom machined parts, pipe hangers and rollers, roller supports styles, and structural steel and metal alloys. Now, Caylor Industrial is excited to add new products to our expanding warehouse.

Caribou Coolers are extremely durable coolers with fully sealing gaskets. They come in 20L, 30L, and 55L sizes and are built to keep your contents cold. The reversible grip or slip feet will help keep the cooler just where you put it. When compared to the Yeti brand of products, Caribou Coolers have a larger capacity, are easier to carry because they weigh less, and have a lower price point.

Caribou Tumblers half image Aug. 2016In addition to the new line of Caribou Coolers are the Caribou Tumblers. They are made with a double-wall vacuum insulation, extremely durable, and easy to carry. They come in 12oz., 20oz., and 30oz. sizes with a Caribou Can Cooler. The embossed, see-through lid is BPA free.

Another great product Caylor Industrial now offers is the Showa N Dex 6105PF Biodegradable Glove. These gloves offer a high level of performance and protection against viruses and bacteria, have a cuff to prevent dirt from getting into the glove, are comfortable to wear, and the Eco Best Technology (EBT) not only protects the environment but reduces the carbon footprint. These gloves are latex and powder free with zero natural rubber latex proteins. They are recommended for gardening, food processing, chemical use, public utilities, petrochemical, janitorial, healthcare and pharmaceutical, automotive, and agriculture.

The professionals at Caylor Industrial Sales invite you to contact us to find out more about our products, services, and new line of coolers, tumblers, and biodegradable gloves. With over 36 years in business, Caylor Industrial Sales understands our customer’s needs and offers world-class customer service.

Ethics Drive Our Business Philosophy and Approach at Caylor Industrial Sales

Say the word “ethics” and the varied reactions you get depend on Ethics blog image 3how an individual defines the word, their own beliefs on right versus wrong, and the execution to the approach of getting something done the “right” way. Say the word “ethics” in regards to industrial supply warehouses that offer valves, fittings, pipes, tube hangers, and other industrial hardware, and you get the gist of how we run business at Caylor Industrial Sales. There is very little interpretation available for something so concrete. In fact, defines “ethics” as “the basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct.” In other words, how we treat one another, and the type of quality service we provide.

However you define “ethics,” you can rest assured that business at Ethics blog image 1Caylor Industrial has been built on a solid foundation as such. We are determined to provide our customers with the highest of quality products and services. All of our products are supplied from the best manufacturers in the industry, and each (pipes, valves, fittings, tubing, structural steel and more)go through a quality-control (QC) process to meet our high expectations and standards, in order to see our customers’ needs in the most ethical way.

Our business practices are, and have always been, concentrated on Ethics blog image 2helping our customers succeed in business. We recognize that time is valuable. We understand the constraints of working within budgets. We know that quality is of the utmost importance. As a direct result, we stock the products our customers use the most, and constantly strive to expand our product line.

Since our business first began in 1980, Caylor Industrial has recognized the importance of completing timely work without jeopardizing the quality. When someone looks for fittings, valves, pipes and other industrial hardware, we supply the high-quality hardware they need as quickly as possible. All in all, ethics drive our business philosophy and Ethics blog image 4approach. We know we’ve said this before, but we will continue to say it again: Our company was built on service, and 35 years later we continue to live by that rule at Caylor Industrial Sales.

Pipe Hangers, Pipe Rollers and Roller Supports Can Keep Piping Supported and Keep Industrial Building Design Organized (in a ‘Feng Shui’ Way!)

You’ve probably heard about “Feng Shui” before. If not, in very general terms, it’s the ancient science and philosophy that applies to the design of our homes and work spaces. Feng Shui focuses on the organization and “flow” of energy in a space, and is said to promote well-being and prosperity and, overall, to create a healthy environment of positivity. According to the website, “Architectural Feng Shui is the soul of China’s ancient architectural theories. It enjoys a high status in China’s architecture history… Feng Shui stresses symmetry in architecture. Many ancient Chinese constructions are bilaterally symmetrical…Curves are also preferred during construction process,” symbolizing vitality in Feng Shui.

While you may be familiar with Feng Shui concepts now, it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever thought about how Feng Shui concepts can be applied to industrial piping, right? Well, maybe it’s time to consider how pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports can help you keep things organized, neat and uniform on the ceilings, walls and roofs of industrial buildings – to help keep business operations “flowing” in a Feng Shui, positive sort of way?

In the book Feng Shui for Architecture by Simona F. Mainini, the author says that while she was studying architecture and visiting Hong Kong she discovered that, in China, “apparently no custom home, no corporate building, no commercial investment was even planned without first consulting one of these [Feng Shui] experts.” So, why not take a concept that’s been so effective for building design in China for so many years and apply it to our industrial/work environments here, in North America, in 2015?

How to apply Feng Shui concepts to our industrial buildings and facilities:

Pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports are pipe supports that can help industrial building design stay uniform, symmetrical or curved, while keeping facility operations neat and clean. At Caylor Industrial Sales, we offer all types of pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports. Back in the day, there were a limited number of ways you could hang and support stainless steel piping (and, honestly, these limitations were so NOT “Feng Shui” J). Today, we have more options: We offer pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports all manufactured in Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel, which feature chemical-resistance, durability and design possibilities.

Pipes and piping support are often afterthoughts in industrial building design and architecture, but it shouldn’t be – and doesn’t have to be – this way. In any type of building or industrial facility where you have pipes running throughout the industrial space, pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports can be used to keep the piping supported and the overall building design neat and clean — in a Feng-Shui way! If you’d like more information about the pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports we offer, please visit our website.