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The Importance of Mechanical & Industrial Contractors in the US Economy 2017

Construction will always be the backbone of the US economy. Over 2016 investments in both residential and industrial construction projects have increased. As reshoring strikes a chord with manufacturers and the country is slowly released from the grip of the recession, both mechanical and industrial contractors will play a more important role than ever before in helping the market grow.

Who are Mechanical Contractors & How Do They Contribute to the Economy?

According to the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, mechanical contracting companies are responsible for installation, alteration, and repair of plumbing, piping, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems in buildings and structures. A mechanical contractor is licensed and skilled to handle anything involving mechanical parts.

The fact that we owe modern amenities like regulated temperatures, clean breathing air, sanitary surroundings and effective drainage to mechanical contractors is something that most people are aware of. But these workers also save millions of dollars every year by performing their jobs well and ensuring that the units which define our modern life and productivity function optimally.

HVAC systems that aren’t installed or repaired properly lose their efficiency. They consume more energy to maintain a given output and increasing the demand for electricity. It may seem like a trivial issue when considered in the context of one residence. But imagine the same happening for thousands of homes and large industrial sites and the implications become clear.

The US loses billions of gallons of potable water every year because of poor sanitary systems and infrastructure. Money is squandered when defective drains allow moisture to seep through and adversely impact roofs and foundations of structures making collapses more likely.

A lot rests on the shoulders of mechanical contractors who apply their knowledge to enhance the longevity and proper utilization of valuable economic assets.

Who are Industrial Contractors & Where do They Figure?

Industrial contractors oversee key tasks within the industrial sector. They manage workers, guide mechanical contractors, supervise construction and demolition and budget projects.

They are not only responsible for keeping construction assignments on time and within estimated costs, they also determine the success of mechanical contractors to some extent. Since the selection, priming and support of these individuals are the domain of industrial contractors, their preparation and know-how is always reflected in the performance of their mechanical counterparts.

2017 will continue to see a spike in residential and commercial construction endeavors. The new government is aiming for a bullish market and the pay-offs will trickle down to positively influence purchase power. Both mechanical and industrial contractors will need to leverage their skills to support and perpetuate the business boom.

Caylor Industrial Sales Inc. is a full-service industrial supplier of valves, fittings, and pipe & tube hangers. We work in close collaboration with contractors throughout the industry.

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Caylor Industrial is Already Paving the way Through 2017

Being a full-scale industrial supplier of critical parts across all industries like valves, fittings, pipe and tube hangers, our team works day in and day out because business never sleeps.

Shining as a leader in the field for over 35 years, Caylor Industrial Sales has not only met the need to adapt and upgrade according to market trends but has also held tight to our heritage of being a family run operation without compromising values.

What Caylor Will be Focusing on in 2017?

Here at Caylor we have built a formidable reputation on continuous improvement of performance, honing of existing skills, and remaining competitive by offering the latest components industry wide. We aren’t satisfied unless our work is precise with a fast turnaround to our clients every single time.

In 2017, apart from continuing to forge stronger ties with buyers through steady supply of the stock parts on its roster, Caylor will also strategically focus on the assets of custom machining and distribution of carbon steel, stainless steel, steel, brass & bronze.

Metal machining to create durable, corrosion resistant tailored parts is a service that is set to be in high demand through 2018. Breakthroughs in aviation and telemedicine – including the ability to manipulate robotic arms to carry our remotely guided surgeries are radically revising what companies want and demand of machined parts. Not only do the pieces need to be accurately crafted, but they must also be light and possess high weight to strength ratio to help parts bear use in extenuating circumstances. We have offer both conventional and CNC capabilities and constantly strive to keep up with current market trends, providing well machined, high longevity units to reliably perform JIT and 24*7 delivery of consignments all year round.

In short, Caylor is poised to be a cognizant partner to businesses in engineering, maintenance, and construction and will continue to study the trends on the horizon to help customers get ahead of competition through the use of uniquely tailored, perfect fit parts.

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From the Caylor Industrial team, we hope you all have a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year – we look forward to working with you on your 2017 needs!

Water Under the Bridge: A Final Look at 2016

Here we are at the close of another year. 2016 has been great for us – dedicated to serving our customers with the industrial supplies they need to be successful. So, in honor of tradition, let’s take a look back at the highlights of what happened over the past 12 months.

We started the new year emphasizing the benefits of our custom machining capabilities. Loyal customers relayed horror stories of working with untrustworthy suppliers who claimed modified stock parts were custom items. At Caylor, when we say custom, we mean custom!  We started 2016 with our consumers’ satisfaction in mind, and we tend to keep it that way.

In April we focused on Earth Day and the importance of proper wastewater treatment. Our products excel as a necessity in this type of industry. The tough conditions of treatment plants are no match for the reliable and durable parts we produce and deliver.

We were very proud to introduce state-of-the-art products to our ever expanding warehouse inventory. The Caribou Coolers and Tumblers and biodegradable gloves improve the comfort levels of contractors and workers. These products, new to Caylor, are ideal for all industries and let us deliver something to make your day a little more pleasant.

As the pages of our book turn towards the end of the year, we wanted you to get to know both our company and our hometown a little bit more. Our September, October, and November blogs examine Dalton, Georgia, the recycling industry,  and how we contribute to the growth of U.S. manufacturing. These blogs sum up our year and our intentions extremely well – we are dedicated to both local and national manufacturing operations, delivering the materials you need to be successful.

As 2016 finishes up, we’d like to wish all of our customers and those in the industries we serve very Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

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Introducing State-of-the-Art Products from Caylor Industrial!

Caylor Industrial Sales, Inc. supplies valves, fittings, and pipe & tube hangers to industrial markets in maintenance, engineering, construction, general contracting, and more. Caylor Industrial also services custom machined parts, pipe hangers and rollers, roller supports styles, and structural steel and metal alloys. Now, Caylor Industrial is excited to add new products to our expanding warehouse.

Caribou Coolers are extremely durable coolers with fully sealing gaskets. They come in 20L, 30L, and 55L sizes and are built to keep your contents cold. The reversible grip or slip feet will help keep the cooler just where you put it. When compared to the Yeti brand of products, Caribou Coolers have a larger capacity, are easier to carry because they weigh less, and have a lower price point.

Caribou Tumblers half image Aug. 2016In addition to the new line of Caribou Coolers are the Caribou Tumblers. They are made with a double-wall vacuum insulation, extremely durable, and easy to carry. They come in 12oz., 20oz., and 30oz. sizes with a Caribou Can Cooler. The embossed, see-through lid is BPA free.

Another great product Caylor Industrial now offers is the Showa N Dex 6105PF Biodegradable Glove. These gloves offer a high level of performance and protection against viruses and bacteria, have a cuff to prevent dirt from getting into the glove, are comfortable to wear, and the Eco Best Technology (EBT) not only protects the environment but reduces the carbon footprint. These gloves are latex and powder free with zero natural rubber latex proteins. They are recommended for gardening, food processing, chemical use, public utilities, petrochemical, janitorial, healthcare and pharmaceutical, automotive, and agriculture.

The professionals at Caylor Industrial Sales invite you to contact us to find out more about our products, services, and new line of coolers, tumblers, and biodegradable gloves. With over 36 years in business, Caylor Industrial Sales understands our customer’s needs and offers world-class customer service.

The Benefits of Custom Machined Parts

Although many suppliers say they deliver custom machined parts, customers can often be left with a piece that is unsatisfactory. One leading cause of dissatisfaction is that suppliers will grab a part that Custom Machined Parts Feb. 2016 Blog Imagethey already have and modify the piece from there. At Caylor our promise is to save our customers from experiencing this kind of headache. When we say “custom” we mean just that.

Our Caylor Industrial team specializes in the production of high-quality machined parts, made to precise specifications, in order to meet all engineering requirements. The custom machining services provided by Caylor deliver outstanding quality and service no matter how complicated or challenging the part or procedure. Any type of part can be accommodated through our machining, turning, milling, grinding, and welding capabilities. This includes items such as valve brackets, pins, and rods.

The direct working relationship between Caylor and the fabrication facilities ensures that parts are produced to exacting standards and requirements. In every project we strive for accuracy and promptness from beginning to end. Our wide variety of available materials includes steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, Delrin®, and Lexan™, all of which enable you to have the parts you need when you need them.

With custom machining from Caylor you can avoid the hassle of dissatisfaction because we assist in every step of the process – creating parts your way and to your specifications. You can engineer your projects the way you want and we can provide the parts you need, no matter how big or small the order. Our capabilities can handle high volume production, short runs, and small machined parts.

Caylor customers have come to rely on the ease of our service and quality of parts delivered by custom capabilities. They have been able to fabricate equipment and systems without having to rework plans because of stock parts. Bottom line, custom machined parts solve designing and engineering challenges.

Let us help you put together the project you have in mind! Contact us for more information on Custom Machined Parts from Caylor!

The Final Word on 2015

Yes, another 12 months have come and gone and we are about to end another year. This year was busy, successful, and interesting as the economy and manufacturing enjoyed modest growth and a sense of stability. Our connections to a wide range of industries (construction, manufacturing, plumbing, oil, electrical) and applications throughout all industrial sectors, enables us to interact with broad user base.

Over this past year we have reached out to our readers through our monthly blog posts to “talk” about general industry trends, specialized topics, and information regarding our products. The blog is our way to cover a wide range of topics we feel are important to our customers and a modern way to connect. We have featured topics on saving water (preventing leaks and using sprinkler systems) during summer drought conditions and preventing heat loss (benefits of pipe insulation) in winter.

Electricians benefited from a post about safety and proper fittings and conduit and in June we highlighted National Safety Month. To help construction workers and contractors be more productive, this post showcased industrial hardware and tools that improve organization and help meet the demands of the industry. Being a family owned and operated business means we consistently work toward providing the highest quality service and products to every customer. We explained our business ethics in this post.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our customers and their industries with top-quality valves, fittings, and pipe and tube hanging supplies. From the Caylor family to yours, we wish you all the best. Happy Holidays!

Benefits of Pipe Insulation

Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows the benefits of insulation in attics and walls. What many people might not know about is that pipe and blanket insulation is a beneficial addition to protect and improve piping and valve systems.

Pipe Insullation Blog Image Nov. 2015Adding a layer of insulation to piping and valve assemblies prevents the detrimental problems that can occur if water freezes within the pipes. The insulation keeps the water from turning to ice, expanding, and  bursting the pipe, itself, which leads to costly damage. Although this is the most common reason for using pipe and blanket insulation, there are plenty of reasons to use these products on pipe and valve systems.

Condensation ControlP

Condensation on the pipe surface can lead to corrosion or rust, a very damaging problem. In humid and wet environments, pipe insulation can act as a barrier preventing the condensation from forming on the piping and reacting with the metal.

Energy Savings

When the temperature differential between the pipe (and the pipe’s contents) and the ambient air is significant, the heat loss and gain from the piping can be considerable. In cold spaces, hot water in the piping system will lose heat and in hot air, cold water in the pipe heats up. Adding a layer of insulation will minimize the heat loss, gain cycle and prevent wasting energy to make up for lost or gained energy.


In industrial applications piping can be operating at extremely low or high temperatures. There is potential danger in touching the piping if it is too hot or too cold. Insulation protects workers against burns from inadvertently coming in contact with the piping. Insulation brings a piping and valve system into a safe range for workers.

Noise Control

Noise has a sneaky way of traveling through pipework. In commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and industrial settings, insulating the piping and valves is a valid method to reduce noise. It acts as an acoustic decoupler by preventing noise transfer when pipes pass through a fixed structure such as a floor or wall and lowers the noise of the materials moving through the systems.

Thermal and Acoustic Blanket Insulation from Caylor is the ideal product to keep piping and valves at their optimal levels of performance while preventing devastating pipe bursts. With an average reduction of 93% of thermal loss over bare meatal and average sound reduction of 6 dBa, the addition of insulation is the ideal solution to extreme temperatures.

For additional information on maintaining a piping system in extreme temperatures, please contact us or visit our website.

Don’t Let Your Water Heater Become a Headache

We all have a water heater yet most of us rarely give them much thought. We turn on the tap and hot water comes out. They are sometimes big, sometimes not, hidden in the basement, a utility closet, or a garage. Water heaters are one of the unsung heroes of modern comfort that we can’t live without.

Hot_water_heater_with_pipeIdeally water heater maintenance should be performed every six months but, well, you know…

So as we head into the depths of winter it’s a good time to consider giving the water heater a once over. Recognizing a problem is the first step to preventing a large problem from occurring. What could be a potential problem? Anytime the water heater is not delivering hot water to a faucet is a problem.

Before a problem occurs it’s a good idea to visually inspect the water heater. An easy problem to recognize is water around the tank. This would signal that the tank is leaking, probably from faulty water supply connections or corrosion. Replacing these fittings and connections with top quality products will solve the problem.

Another simple maintenance task is to check the pressure relief valve. This valve must be in proper working order in case the tank over-pressurizes. Testing the valve to make sure it works properly is the safety feature to prevent the tank from exploding.

Finally, keep an eye on the location of the tank and the temperatures. If the piping to the water heater freezes and bursts, the problems are much bigger than not having hot water. If frigid temps are threatening, wrapping pipes with heat tape and leaving a faucet dripping may prevent the headache of a burst pipe.

As a full service industrial supplier of valves, fittings, and structural steel & metal alloys we are the experts in helping our customers prevent any of the above problems from causing serious damage to homes and businesses. We supply a full line of top-quality parts and components from all the leading manufacturers.

Let Caylor help you with any winter piping and plumbing problems.