Serving Our Customers’ Irrigation Needs

With the summer months in full swing, the need for irrigation products will continue into the fall. During the summer months, irrigation systems play an important role in keeping lawns healthy, clean, and neat. But what keeps those irrigation systems running efficiently?

Caylor’s products provide solutions for all of your irrigation needs. Our wide range of valves, fittings, pipe and tube hangers, and various services can benefit our customers significantly when used for irrigation purposes.

PVC FittingWe use a variety of distributors for our products to meet your project specifications and to provide the best possible individual hardware and industrial supplies. Rain Bird is a large company that provides their entire line of irrigation valves, fittings, and electric valves. We also work with other manufacturers to distribute PVC pipe and fittings to assist irrigation system installations. All of these products are used in our irrigation equipment. Additionally, we offer Wilkins back flow preventers, which are used in systems that must have a back flow preventer to prevent water from re-entering the natural line being distributed to neighborhoods.

We also distribute NDS valve boxes for irrigation purposes. This product is necessary whenever you dig a hole and put a valve in there, because it must have a box to go over it.

On top of irrigation products, we offer services to provide custom machined parts, structural steel and metal alloys, and various pipe roller support styles. We have the capabilities to produce short and high volume orders along with various sized machined parts.

At Caylor, it is important to us that our customers’ needs are met. As the temperatures and seasons change, we will continue to offer the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Caylor: Where Customer Service Comes First

For the past three decades, our company has been known for one thing: our customer service. Year in and year out, our customer service has been the backbone of our business, for it is what our company has been built on. Service has proved to be a huge benefit to our business, and it has been the reason our customer keep coming back to us.

Our customer service covers a wide range of specifics, all of which have been created to provide high quality and dependability to our customer base. First, as an industrial wholesaler, we have made it a point to keep a large inventory of materials and products continuously, so that we can provide customers with what they need when they need it. Over the years, our customers have come to rely on our inventory, and they know that we will have what they need in stock. Additionally, we can offer same day delivery, due to our large fleet of delivery trucks and local service area of a 60 mile radius. This large inventory and same day delivery have been the key components of our customer service for years.

Our service doesn’t begin and end with the time of our office hours; in fact, in recent years, we have implemented after-hours service. Years ago, we had customers and suppliers contacting us on off hours, inquiring about products or issues with parts. Since it happened often, we decided to make it official and began offering service at all times. Our employees work on a rotation basis, fielding any emergencies or breakdowns at our customer and suppliers’ plants, so that parts can be retrieved and fixed in a timely manner.

It is important to our business to make customer service front and center. It has been the backbone of our business, and is the reason our customers value and depend on us. Come see how we can help you!

Caylor Makes it Just-in-Time to Meet your Needs

When it comes to our customers, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services possible. Over the years, our customers have come to depend on us to be their go-to supplier, and we strive to meet that expectation on a daily basis. One way we do so is through our just-in-time (JIT) delivery services.

Just-in-time delivery, as defined by Toyota Global, is “making only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed” which “can eliminate waste, inconsistencies, and unreasonable requirements, resulting in improved productivity.” In other words, a JIT delivery system is a means of lean manufacturing where a manufacturer receives parts or materials on an as needed basis, as opposed to purchasing a vast inventory.

Here at Caylor, we employ JIT delivery services for our customers. As a wholesale distributor, we buy products from our manufacturers, and then store and ship to our customers on a daily basis, so that they are only receiving the needed amount of parts on that day. This way, our customers get their orders whenever they are needed. It is beneficial to us because by stocking a large inventory, we are able to purchase products at a discounted rate. In turn, we are able to pass those savings along to our customers. Additionally, we can ensure that we will have products in stock to allow for a shorter lead time and quick turnaround.

It is important to us to be the go-to supplier for our customers. With the help of our JIT delivery system, we are able to supply the right amount of needed products at the time they are needed.

Staying Afloat in the Busy Season: Supplying During Shut-downs

Nearly every business has its busy season, and ours just happens to coincide with the Holiday season in the colder months.  During this time of year, many other kinds of manufacturing and industrial businesses are shutdown, in anticipation of a renewed surge of activity in the New Year.

However, as a result, many businesses take advantage of the time to prepare for the coming busy season by replacing much of their piping, updating their equipment, and running inspections to make sure all equipment is in proper working order and ready for more regular use for the coming months.  This is where we step in – as an industrial supplier, whose business is built on outstanding customer service, we place a high priority on ensuring that our customers get exactly what they need, and fast.  In future blogs, we’ll go into some more detail about just how prepared we are to handle any request at any time for any customer, and how our commitment there has served our customers and forged great relationships with them.

We pride ourselves on the support we’re able to give industrial businesses in our area.  We know the importance of having all equipment in working order, and the potentially disastrous result of an extended time when a machine is out of commission.  The backbone of our business is to be there to ensure that those kinds of headaches don’t happen, or to resolve them as quickly as possible when they do.

Make sure to check back here on our blog for some more in-depth discussion of a few of the ways which we make those things happen, and how they’ve proven invaluable to our customers.  Or, connect with us on social media to keep up to date on the latest trends and concerns in our industry – and as always, give us a call, and experience our level of service for yourself.

A Look at the Manufacturing Rennaisance

Manufacturing in the United States saw dark days in the later part of the last decade. The recession hit the working class hard, and production numbers had been dropping even before the financial crisis took place. Over the past several months, the manufacturing industry has seen improvements and people within the industry are optimistic. Some are going as far as calling this a manufacturing renaissance.

Over a period of four decades leading up to 2009, the United States lost 7.5 million jobs in the manufacturing industry. Since the low-point in 2009, manufacturing has become, “an area of strength in the American economy,” as noted in a 2012 NY Times article. A growth in employment is a good indicator that there is something to the notion that “Made-in-America” is on the comeback.  In addition, over the past year major American companies have started to “reshore” production to the United States.

The Huffington Post reports that brands like Apple, General Electric, Master Lock and Caterpillar are moving production to America. These brands have also been accompanied by a prosperous auto industry, which has seen record high auto sales throughout this past summer.  The auto manufacturers’ sales have surpassed figures from before the financial crisis, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The auto industry and other manufacturers moving production back to the United States is a good sign for the country as a whole. Healthy manufacturing means a healthy economy, along with greater employment opportunities for workers at all levels. The manufacturing renaissance is here and hopefully it will only get stronger from this point forward.