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Steel Contributes to Earth Day as a Part of a Circular Economy

For nearly half a century now, the world has celebrated Earth Day as a day – or, for some, an entire week – of activities, demonstrations, and seminars focusing on the environmental issues faced by the world. What once was a local celebration in a handful of cities has become a global observance. While it is a great reminder that we need to pay attention to our impact on the environment, at Caylor, we know that environmental mindfulness must be a year-round effort.

Steel and the Circular Economy

One of the major materials that we use here, and that is a permanent fixture in the circular economy, is steel. It also happens to be one of the most ecologically responsible materials. In a circular economy, society reduces the burden on nature by keeping resources in use for as long as possible.

Steel is perfect for this, as steel is a permanent material. Once it is created, the weight can be reduced, and steel components can be reused, remanufactured, and recycled into new products. This promotes conservation of the raw materials, innovation, efficiency, and emissions reductions. It helps to create jobs, and also encourages the development of durable products.

The evolution of steel over the last few years has helped to produce high-strength steels. In the last three decades alone, improvement in the process has allowed for a weight reduction of up to 40% in some steels, which is responsible for a decrease in emissions and energy use to create, transport, and utilize. Even for regular steel, the amount of energy required to produce a tone has decreased dramatically, reducing the consumption by 60% per ton.

The production is highly efficient as well – roughly 97.3% of material used in the steelmaking process is utilized. Not only is the steel created, the by-products of the process are used in asphalt, fertilizers, plastics, paints, and more. Even the gasses produced during the process can be used for heating or electricity.

Green Initiatives at Caylor Industrial

At Caylor, we have played a big part in supplying parts to industries that strive to decrease our material and energy usage. We enjoy working with companies that are involved in green initiatives such as wastewater treatment and carpet recycling projects. Many of the industries we serve have major pushes for green projects, not to mention internal efforts to reduce consumption and increase reuse.

Here at Caylor Industrial, we always consider our larger impact in our sales and internal processes, with the aim of having the least impact as possible on the environment. Our structural steel and metal alloy products come from responsible producers who see steel as part of a circular economy and try to incorporate environmentally-sound processes in their production.

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Water Under the Bridge: A Final Look at 2016

Here we are at the close of another year. 2016 has been great for us – dedicated to serving our customers with the industrial supplies they need to be successful. So, in honor of tradition, let’s take a look back at the highlights of what happened over the past 12 months.

We started the new year emphasizing the benefits of our custom machining capabilities. Loyal customers relayed horror stories of working with untrustworthy suppliers who claimed modified stock parts were custom items. At Caylor, when we say custom, we mean custom!  We started 2016 with our consumers’ satisfaction in mind, and we tend to keep it that way.

In April we focused on Earth Day and the importance of proper wastewater treatment. Our products excel as a necessity in this type of industry. The tough conditions of treatment plants are no match for the reliable and durable parts we produce and deliver.

We were very proud to introduce state-of-the-art products to our ever expanding warehouse inventory. The Caribou Coolers and Tumblers and biodegradable gloves improve the comfort levels of contractors and workers. These products, new to Caylor, are ideal for all industries and let us deliver something to make your day a little more pleasant.

As the pages of our book turn towards the end of the year, we wanted you to get to know both our company and our hometown a little bit more. Our September, October, and November blogs examine Dalton, Georgia, the recycling industry,  and how we contribute to the growth of U.S. manufacturing. These blogs sum up our year and our intentions extremely well – we are dedicated to both local and national manufacturing operations, delivering the materials you need to be successful.

As 2016 finishes up, we’d like to wish all of our customers and those in the industries we serve very Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

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Earth Day Thought: Wastewater Treatment

Every April for the last 40+ years Earth Day has been a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation to protect the Earth for future generations. This movement brought awareness to environmental issues and initiated public policies to protect the water and air that we all need to survive. The Clean Water Act, a direct descendent of the Earth Day movement, was the foundation for establishing wastewater discharge control to “restore and maintain chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation’s waters.”

Today, centralized wastewater collection and treatment systems serve over 75% of the U.S. population, with 16,000+ municipal wastewater treatment facilities in operation. These facilities collect wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries and process it to remove pollutants such as pathogens, organic matter, ammonia, chemicals, and nutrients. If these pollutants enter back into the ecological systems, they are a serious risk to the health and well-being of waterways, animals, and humans.

Within a treatment facility, wastewater undergoes a series of physical, biological, and chemical processes. At each step pumps and valves move wastewater through the system so that the resulting effluent is clarified and safe for the environment. Unfortunately, many treatment facilities are old and in need of repair. Because they deal with harsh materials, improvements require the highest-quality components to maintain the highest level of operation.

The hardware and industrial supplies needed to keep these plants running should be from top-quality suppliers like Caylor Industrial. Our staff of experienced professionals deliver solutions that improve productivity and reliability in all types of wastewater treatment facilities. As treatment facilities age, choosing the right valves and fittings from a trusted source contributes to the effectiveness of pump systems to maintain high levels of environmental protection.

Caylor Industrial Sales is the company that has all the necessary products to serve the wastewater treatment industry that keeps the water clean and flowing. For more information on our products and services contact us today.