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Caylor Industrial Weaves Safety into Work Culture

Numbers tell a grim story.

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics has come forth with information that sheds light on the dismal condition of safety at work in the United States. 13 people die on their jobs every day. These instances are steadily increasing. And 100% of these deaths are preventable.

Generally, a single employee succumbs to injuries or mishap. But the incident impacts the collective. Most fatalities occur in industries like construction, maintenance and engineering where balance, hand-eye coordination, and vigilance are the need of the hour. Any sort of distraction is a recipe for disaster and precipitates more accidents.

June is National Safety Month:

It is important for businesses to really understand the essence of the National Safety Month. It shouldn’t be observed as a token gesture to placate employees. Companies need to embed safety and safety best practices in work culture so that slips, falls, cuts, tears, explosions and deaths don’t happen because of negligence. A secure workforce is a productive workforce – one that is capable of hitting deadlines, innovating and focusing on quality.

As the number of preventable accidents decreases, employee morale peaks. And a marked absence of lawsuits and compensation demands also adds to the profit, bottom-line.

Businesses must:

  • Understand the risks posed to their employees based on their unique industry
  • Devise a slew of measures to mitigate them
  • Instruct workers to put these measures into practice – every day
  • Track improvements and tweak or reinforce concepts as needed

Handbook of Everyday Safety:

Caylor serves many industries including maintenance, engineering, construction and general contracting. Most of them have high fatality at work numbers.

As an expert in safety, commonly going 365+ days without an accident, we are here to spread some effective precautions to avert accidents:

  • If pipes collapse, they can cause a lot of damage. It is essential to secure tubing in place with pipe and tube hangers.
  • Falls from heights and scaffoldings claim the most lives. Employees should wear well-inspected body harnesses at all points of time and only work on platforms that are at least 10 feet away from power lines and well secured with quality braces, brackets, trusses and screw legs.
  • Ladders in use shouldn’t be damaged or distorted in any way and stairs need to be hemmed by handrails.
  • Chemical exposure is yet another hazard. Awareness is the best solution and employees need to recognize signs of volatility in the substances they use every day.
  • Heavy machinery can prove to be lethal if not handled right. Only highly trained operators should be allowed access to the machines and employees must maintain eye contact with the operator at all times when maneuvering around them.

Caylor believes in enforcing safety measures in our own factories and warehouses and provides top of the line components that ensure safety of customers in challenging industries.

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The Final Word on 2015

Yes, another 12 months have come and gone and we are about to end another year. This year was busy, successful, and interesting as the economy and manufacturing enjoyed modest growth and a sense of stability. Our connections to a wide range of industries (construction, manufacturing, plumbing, oil, electrical) and applications throughout all industrial sectors, enables us to interact with broad user base.

Over this past year we have reached out to our readers through our monthly blog posts to “talk” about general industry trends, specialized topics, and information regarding our products. The blog is our way to cover a wide range of topics we feel are important to our customers and a modern way to connect. We have featured topics on saving water (preventing leaks and using sprinkler systems) during summer drought conditions and preventing heat loss (benefits of pipe insulation) in winter.

Electricians benefited from a post about safety and proper fittings and conduit and in June we highlighted National Safety Month. To help construction workers and contractors be more productive, this post showcased industrial hardware and tools that improve organization and help meet the demands of the industry. Being a family owned and operated business means we consistently work toward providing the highest quality service and products to every customer. We explained our business ethics in this post.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our customers and their industries with top-quality valves, fittings, and pipe and tube hanging supplies. From the Caylor family to yours, we wish you all the best. Happy Holidays!

Safety at Work in Manufacturing and Industry: Pipe Hangers Help Keep Everyone Safe by Ensuring Piping Stays Secure and in Place

caylor-about-us imageNational Safety Month is being celebrated this month (June), but safety is something businesses and manufacturing industries focus on, or should be focusing on, all year long. A recent article from SafetyandHealth.com offers several tips for safety leaders in business and industry. The article recommends that the people responsible for creating the “safety culture” in organizations should conduct some type of “physical hazard identification system.” The article says, “Even if workers are practicing safe behaviors and doing everything correctly, they still may be at risk from a hazard without realizing it. Supervisors can mitigate this by broadening their visual scan beyond workers’ actions to look for potential exposures in surrounding conditions and equipment.”

In any workplace, but especially in manufacturing and industry, workers’ surrounding environments most likely include some type of piping, though we don’t often think or hear about it as part of a company’s “safety culture.” National Safety Month is a good time to be reminded about some of the behind-the-scenes details and items that play a big role in workplace safety, like the pipe hangers, tube hangers and other industrial hardware and components that help to contribute to a safe work environment.

Pipe hangers and tube hangers are used for a variety of industrial applications and in all building design. Sometimes they’re visible to building occupants, and other times they’re hidden behind ceiling tiles, walls and closed doors. Either way, pipe hangers and tube hangers are doing their job; keeping piping secure, in place, and helping to keep building occupants safe.

At Caylor Industrial Sales, we stock a wide variety of pipe hangers, tube hangers, and we also offer custom hangers. The pipe hangers we supply are used for many different applications and they’re used by just about every industry. You can find them in food processing plants, water treatment plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical plants, hospitals, and more.

There are many different types of pipe hangers, including Clevis Sprinkler Pipe Hangers and Split Ring Pipe Hangers. The pipe hangers we offer are made of Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel. For more information about the pipe hangers, pipe rollers, and roller supports we offer at Caylor Industrial, visit our website, or call us at 706-266-3198 if you have any questions.