We all have a water heater yet most of us rarely give them much thought. We turn on the tap and hot water comes out. They are sometimes big, sometimes not, hidden in the basement, a utility closet, or a garage. Water heaters are one of the unsung heroes of modern comfort that we can’t live without.

Hot water heater with pipeIdeally water heater maintenance should be performed every six months but, well, you know…

So as we head into the depths of winter it’s a good time to consider giving the water heater a once over. Recognizing a problem is the first step to preventing a large problem from occurring. What could be a potential problem? Anytime the water heater is not delivering hot water to a faucet is a problem.

Before a problem occurs it’s a good idea to visually inspect the water heater. An easy problem to recognize is water around the tank. This would signal that the tank is leaking, probably from faulty water supply connections or corrosion. Replacing these fittings and connections with top quality products will solve the problem.

Another simple maintenance task is to check the pressure relief valve. This valve must be in proper working order in case the tank over-pressurizes. Testing the valve to make sure it works properly is the safety feature to prevent the tank from exploding.

Finally, keep an eye on the location of the tank and the temperatures. If the piping to the water heater freezes and bursts, the problems are much bigger than not having hot water. If frigid temps are threatening, wrapping pipes with heat tape and leaving a faucet dripping may prevent the headache of a burst pipe.

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