Caylor industrial weaves safety into work culture

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Numbers tell a grim story. The National Bureau of Labor Statistics has come forth with information that sheds light on the dismal condition of safety at work in the United States. 13 people die on their jobs every day. These instances are steadily increasing. And 100% of these deaths are preventable. Generally, a single employee succumbs to […]

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Recent construction growth recap

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Here at Caylor Industrial Sales, Inc., we’ve been in business for almost 37 years, supplying a wide range of valves, fittings, and pipe and tube hangers. Our services consist of custom machined parts, pipe hangers, pipe rollers, and roller supports styles. We also provide structural steel and metal alloys. So whether you’re an electrician, plumber, carpenter, roving […]

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Steel contributes to earth day as a part of a circular economy

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For nearly half a century now, the world has celebrated Earth Day as a day – or, for some, an entire week – of activities, demonstrations, and seminars focusing on the environmental issues faced by the world. What once was a local celebration in a handful of cities has become a global observance. While it […]

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