Introducing state-of-the-art products from caylor industrial!

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Caylor Industrial Sales, Inc. supplies valves, fittings, and pipe & tube hangers to industrial markets in maintenance, engineering, construction, general contracting, and more. Caylor Industrial also services custom machined parts, pipe hangers and rollers, roller supports styles, and structural steel and metal alloys. Now, Caylor Industrial is excited to add new products to our expanding […]

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Pipe hangers, pipe rollers and roller supports can keep piping supported and keep industrial building design organized (in a ‘feng shui’ way!)

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You’ve probably heard about “Feng Shui” before. If not, in very general terms, it’s the ancient science and philosophy that applies to the design of our homes and work spaces. Feng Shui focuses on the organization and “flow” of energy in a space, and is said to promote well-being and prosperity and, overall, to create […]

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Don’t let your water heater become a headache

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We all have a water heater yet most of us rarely give them much thought. We turn on the tap and hot water comes out. They are sometimes big, sometimes not, hidden in the basement, a utility closet, or a garage. Water heaters are one of the unsung heroes of modern comfort that we can’t […]

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