It’s easy to overlook how dangerous electricity can be since we interact with it every moment of every day. Electrical systems range from general wiring to elaborate fire and security systems. Electricity isn’t an easy DIY project and should only be trusted to licensed electricians who understand the importance of following and adhering to safety codes and standards.

Electricians are well versed in the specifications of the National Fire Protection Association’s National Electrical Code®. In all 50 states the NFPA 70 code is the “benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards.” Meeting the requirements means using hardware and equipment that also meets the specifications put forth in the NEC.

Many industries struggle with electrical service in areas that could Electric Image Oct. Blogpose potential hazards. For example, in food plants, wet or dusty environments could cause electrical system malfunctions if not properly installed or maintained. In new construction, questions regarding the type of conduit and fittings must be addressed so that all components are suitable to meet code requirements.

As a premier provider of industrial and hardware supplies, we are able to provide the products that will meet all aspects of electrical projects and code requirements. With extensive experience in all types of industrial and commercial sectors, we are the ideal supplier to work with on any type of project. With an inventory that includes a wide range of fittings, pipe hangers, tube hangers, pipe rollers, supports, structural steel and metal alloy products, we have whatever an electrician needs to safely complete the job.

In addition to stock items, Caylor offers custom machining services to provide specific products needed for unique requirements. No matter what type of project an electrician is working on, we have the highest quality supplies to meet all necessary code requirements.

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