With the summer months in full swing, the need for irrigation products will continue into the fall. During the summer months, irrigation systems play an important role in keeping lawns healthy, clean, and neat. But what keeps those irrigation systems running efficiently?

Caylor’s products provide solutions for all of your irrigation needs. Our wide range of valves, fittings, pipe and tube hangers, and various services can benefit our customers significantly when used for irrigation purposes.

PVC Fitting We use a variety of distributors for our products to meet your project specifications and to provide the best possible individual hardware and industrial supplies. Rain Bird is a large company that provides their entire line of irrigation valves, fittings, and electric valves. We also work with other manufacturers to distribute PVC pipe and fittings to assist irrigation system installations. All of these products are used in our irrigation equipment. Additionally, we offer Wilkins back flow preventers, which are used in systems that must have a back flow preventer to prevent water from re-entering the natural line being distributed to neighborhoods.

We also distribute NDS valve boxes for irrigation purposes. This product is necessary whenever you dig a hole and put a valve in there, because it must have a box to go over it.

On top of irrigation products, we offer services to provide custom machined parts, structural steel and metal alloys, and various pipe roller support styles. We have the capabilities to produce short and high volume orders along with various sized machined parts.

At Caylor, it is important to us that our customers’ needs are met. As the temperatures and seasons change, we will continue to offer the highest quality products and services to our customers.

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