At Caylor Industrial Sales, Inc., we look forward to working with the best distributors to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available. We are happy to work with Milwaukee Tools to announce their entrance into two new categories: the meter space and scissors category.

Milwaukee Tools’ two new testers include the 2212-20 Auto Voltage/Continuity Tester and 2213-20 Auto Voltage/Continuity Tester W/ Resistance. Both testers are the easiest to use in their class and provide enhanced troubleshooting for any residential or commercial electrician that is looking for a quick and efficient way to test outlets, breaker panels, and switches. Milwaukee Tools’ electrical testers are noted for being simple, reliable, accurate, and for providing visibility to electrical issues.

Electric testers, or Wiggys, are vital to meter ownership. All new electricians use these products, making them the most commonly owned electric meter in the market. Milwaukee Tools’ electrical testers are a wonderful addition to existing electrical hand tool and accessory kits.

Additionally, Milwaukee Tools’ jobsite scissors can get up to 10 times more cuts compared to stainless steel blades, thanks to iron carbide edge blades. The scissors feature 360 degree all metal handle loops that will survive over 1,000 drops. They also offer bolt-lock technology that will prevent the blade from loosening, a common problem with current scissors.

Finally, jobsite scissors can be used by plumbing, mechanical, MRO, and roofing trades as an alternative to snips for trimming pipe insulation, air filters, and plastic membrane used in roofing applications.

Milwaukee Tools’ innovative new products have the potential to disrupt the meter space and scissor categories. Both products offer users a safe, convenient, and efficient experience. We are happy to partner with Milwaukee Tools and look forward to what they will offer next.

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