Caylor industrial weaves safety into work culture

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Numbers tell a grim story. The National Bureau of Labor Statistics has come forth with information that sheds light on the dismal condition of safety at work in the United States. 13 people die on their jobs every day. These instances are steadily increasing. And 100% of these deaths are preventable. Generally, a single employee succumbs to […]

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The final word on 2015

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Yes, another 12 months have come and gone and we are about to end another year. This year was busy, successful, and interesting as the economy and manufacturing enjoyed modest growth and a sense of stability. Our connections to a wide range of industries (construction, manufacturing, plumbing, oil, electrical) and applications throughout all industrial sectors, […]

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Safety at work in manufacturing and industry: pipe hangers help keep everyone safe by ensuring piping stays secure and in place

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National Safety Month is being celebrated this month (June), but safety is something businesses and manufacturing industries focus on, or should be focusing on, all year long. A recent article from offers several tips for safety leaders in business and industry. The article recommends that the people responsible for creating the “safety culture” in organizations should conduct […]

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