For the past three decades, our company has been known for one thing: our customer service. Year in and year out, our customer service has been the backbone of our business, for it is what our company has been built on. Service has proved to be a huge benefit to our business, and it has been the reason our customer keep coming back to us.

Our customer service covers a wide range of specifics, all of which have been created to provide high quality and dependability to our customer base. First, as an industrial wholesaler, we have made it a point to keep a large inventory of materials and products continuously, so that we can provide customers with what they need when they need it. Over the years, our customers have come to rely on our inventory, and they know that we will have what they need in stock. Additionally, we can offer same day delivery, due to our large fleet of delivery trucks and local service area of a 60 mile radius. This large inventory and same day delivery have been the key components of our customer service for years.

Our service doesn’t begin and end with the time of our office hours; in fact, in recent years, we have implemented after-hours service. Years ago, we had customers and suppliers contacting us on off hours, inquiring about products or issues with parts. Since it happened often, we decided to make it official and began offering service at all times. Our employees work on a rotation basis, fielding any emergencies or breakdowns at our customer and suppliers’ plants, so that parts can be retrieved and fixed in a timely manner.

It is important to our business to make customer service front and center. It has been the backbone of our business, and is the reason our customers value and depend on us. Come see how we can help you!

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