U.S. construction activity has been building a lot of momentum this year, according to recent reports and what we’ve been seeing and hearing in the industry. Construction employment continues to grow, rising to the highest levels since February 2009. ConstructionCitizen.com states, “Residential construction employment (residential building and specialty trade contractors) climbed by 8,500 for the month [May] and 149,000 (6.5%) over 12 months. Nonresidential construction employment (building, specialty trades, and heavy and civil engineering construction) increased by 8,600 and 124,300 (3.3%), respectively.” In layman’s terms, construction businesses are increasingly busy and there is no end in foresight. To do our jobs well, and to be as effective and organized as possible, everyone working within the construction industry needs the right industrial hardware and tools. We’ve got the industrial hardware and supplies that contractors and construction workers need to keep up with the industry’s demands at Caylor Industrial, including these newly released products:

  • M18 FUEL™ Magnet Drills offer unmatched productivity and safety:  The newest additions to the M18 FUEL™ line, the M18 FUEL™ 1-1/2” Magnetic Drill and the M18 FUEL™ 1-1/2” Lineman Magnetic Drill use the most advanced drilling Milwuakee M18 Magnetic Drill Caylor Blog Imagetechnologies available today. These new drills, which started shipping on July 15th, are faster than their corded counterparts, they deliver the strongest magnetic hold on ¼” steel, and they can drill up to (4) 13/16” holes per charge. They’re so effective and safe because both new drills utilize permanent magnets, and the magnetic bases operate without electricity. This means the magnet does NOT deactivate if the battery drains.
  • Be more productive and more organized with Milwaukee’s Jobsite Organizer: The Jobsite Organizer started shipping in June and it is considered to be the most versatile organizer on the market today. Not only are construction industry workers using the Jobsite Organizer, but workers in just about any industry – HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and farming and agriculture. All can be more productive and organized with this new product. The Jobsite Organizer provides users with more space to help with efficiency, providing up to 20% more capacity than competitive units. It features mountable bins Milwuakee Jobsite Organizer Caylor Blog Imagethat can be stacked and attached together. But, the best part about this feature is that you still have full access to each bin when you’ve attached them together! This isn’t the only exceptional feature: Users say that what they like best about the Jobsite Organizer is that it helps them with productivity. Because it features “no-travel bin seals” with integrated weather seals, they prevent contents from migrating between bins during transport, and also protect contents from being damaged by water, saving users time and money.

Reach out to us at Caylor Industrial Sales by calling 706-226-3198 or by emailing us at info@caylorindsales.com. We’d be happy to tell you more about these great new products and the rest of the helpful products that we offer. We are a full-service industrial supplier of tools, hardware, valves, fittings, pipe and tube hangers, and more. Here at Caylor we are ready to provide you with the information and tools you need to stay organized and increase productivity, no matter what industry you’re in!

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