Caylor-Dalton-GA-Small-Logo-Image-Sept.-2016There aren’t many places across the country that can boast about a strong community, a strong economy, and a strong sense of pride in their immediate area. Or, if they can, we haven’t heard from them! But in Dalton, we sure can! Our roots are here and as a company that supports the area’s industries we are proud to be a member of this thriving community. We’d like to tell you about our hometown…

Dalton is located in Northern Georgia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The town was founded by Edward Dalton White in 1847 and went on to become a major city after completion of the railroad.

In the early 20th Century Catherine Evans Whitener began making bedspreads using an American tufting technique called candlewick embroidery. The bedspreads became very popular, and she began teaching others this hand-tufting technique.

The Whitener family formed the Evans Manufacturing Company in 1917, and this began the tradition of textile manufacturing in the area. The techniques used to manufacture the tufted bedspreads were eventually adopted as a means to make carpets and rugs.

By the 1950’s the carpet and flooring industry was thriving. Up-to-date machinery, technologies, and dyeing methods have created the modern industry we know today which produces a wide variety of carpeting and rugs, vinyl flooring, ceramics, tile, and laminates. This strong industry is still supporting many in the community. Companies such as Mohawk Industries are planning millions in capital investments as the company continues to grow. Sales this year are up as construction and the economy are rebounding.

Increased sales are due in part to the positive economy. Home prices and construction are on the rise as homeowners are tackling renovation projects that were on hold during the recession. Increased spending and demand for new products are having a positive impact on all industries.

As the carpet and flooring manufacturers of Dalton continue to meet the needs of the consumer base around the world, we are quietly supporting them. Caylor’s role in the community, as the leading industrial supplier, is simple—provide the highest quality products to keep manufacturing running at its highest levels. Our inventories are always ready to deliver valves, fittings, pipe and tube hangers, and custom machined parts for applications in maintenance, engineering, and construction projects.


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